Don't-Miss HDTV Stories

How we test HDTVs

As HDTVs have become more sophisticated, so has the labs's test methodology. But we still rely heavily on actual people evaluating actual content.

Toshiba's no-glasses 3D TV: How it looks

Toshiba became the first major television maker last week to announce TVs that produce pictures with the illusion of depth but don't require glasses. Martyn Williams gets some hands-on time and compares the new TVs to 3D models that require you to wear glasses.

Google TV on the Logitech Revue

After months of hype, rumors, and misinformation, Google TV has arrived on the Logitech Revue. Find out everything you need to know about this set-top box, and how it will deliver the Web to your TV.

Google TV gets new content, Website

If you've been on pins and needles to hear more information about the Google TV, this may be your week. On Monday, the company made its inaugural post on the Google TV blog, announcing new content partners, apps, and a brand-spanking new website for the platform.

Toshiba to launch no-glasses 3D TV this year in Japan

Toshiba is readying two 3D televisions that don't require viewers to wear glasses. It will launch the televisions in Japan in December.

Toshiba to show no-glasses 3D TV next week

Toshiba will unveil a 3D TV on Monday that doesn't require the viewer to wear glasses, it said late Tuesday.

Boxee Box now available for pre-order

Boxee announced on Monday that the D-Link Boxee Box set-top box is now available for pre-order, arriving in November at a cost of $200.

3D, tablets galore expected at Berlin show

The push to put 3D screens in our homes continues unabated, and a plethora of tablet PCs are expected at IFA.

Samsung launches portable Blu-ray 3D player

Samsung announced its first portable Blu-ray 3D player and a new 3D TV priced at $1100.

Sonic and Widevine to bring movie streaming to the iPhone, iPad

Sonic Solutions and Widevine have announced they're joining forces to help bring streaming movies to iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices.

Blu-ray 3D, more TV models boosting 3D TV shipments

3D TV shipments are on the rise, driven by availability of more TV models and 3D content, research firm DisplaySearch said on Wednesday.

Intel combines smart TV with smart remote

The development of "smart TVs" is also leading, not surprisingly, to the creation of a smart remote as well, thanks to Intel.

Sony launches 3D TVs, games

Sony's plans for 3D entertainment begin coming together on Thursday as the company kicks off sales of 3D TVs and begins offering 3D games for its PlayStation 3.

Panasonic boosts production of its 3D HDTVs

Panasonic has announced plans to increase production of its 3D HDTV sets, due to higher-than-expected demand.

3D TV: Not for the drunk, tired, or pregnant

Behind all the buzz about the 3D TV technology stands a stern warning: If you're a teenager, a pregnant woman, a senior citizen, or a drunk, you shouldn't necessarily be watching it. The same applies if you're just really, really tired.