Don't-Miss HDTV Stories

Sony announces first 3D Blu-ray Disc players

Sony announced new 3D Blu-ray Disc players on Wednesday.

HDTVs for Super Bowl and Olympics enjoyment

Before the once-every-four-years winter games and the biggest football game of the year, it's a great time to shop for a new HDTV--and find some good deals in the process.

Samsung forecasts big year for 3D TV, memory chips

Samsung reported record high 2009 revenue and predicted explosive growth in 3D TVs on Friday.

Samsung begins mass producing 3D TV screens

Samsung began mass producting of 3D TV screens this month, a first step to prices coming down to more affordable levels.

3D TV: Separating the hope from the hype

3D TVs were on show everywhere at CES, but it's far from certain that the technology will take off in a big way in homes this year.

Elgato announces EyeTV One tuner

Elgato has announced another television tuner for the Mac. The EyeTV One is specifically designed to work with antennas to deliver free, over-the-air HD broadcasts to a computer.

CES: 3D comes home

It's important to underscore that the 3D being shown at CES is not akin to the 3D you'd get with anaglyphic red-and-green glasses folded up into a Cracker Jack box.

Vizio shows off powerhouse home entertainment lineup

Vizio made a big splash at CES with a huge lineup of HDTVs and home entertainment components.

CES 2010: Picks and pans

PC World wraps up its coverage of last week's Consumer Electronics Show with a summary of the gear it liked and loathed.

GeffenTV tames your TV’s wild volume swings

Gefen is introducing what it bills as a remedy to the extremely annoying problem of volume swings.

HDTV news at CES 2010

We've gathered our HDTV coverage from CES 2010 in one spot to make it easier to get the lowdown on what happened at the trade show.

Toshiba announces Cell TV HDTV

Toshiba trotted out its latest and greatest HDTV, the Cell TV, with its companion media center set-top box.

Sony debuts new design and 3D HDTVs for 2010

Sony today introduced 12 new series of HDTVs for the coming year. The new models will start rolling out in spring and continue in summer.