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What the new MacBook Pro might have learned from iPhones and iPads

It's been a while since Apple overhauled the MacBook Pro, and the way we interact with our technology has subtly shifted in the meantime.


Fauxficially: A slow start to Google’s war against Apple

The Pixel might attract a few iPhone users, but this war is more like a skirmish.

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What's next for Project Titan and the Apple Car?

Reports that Apple is no longer focused on building its own car don't mean that Project Titan is over, or that Apple didn't learn anything from the process.


Dumbing down: Innovation isn’t what it used to be

Isn't copying just the same as innovating? No? Oh.


Goofus and other Goofus: Samsung and Apple lumped together

Sure, Samsung's got exploding phones but Apple's got problems, too.

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Siri's problem: Not quite human enough, yet

Siri and most of the other voice-based assistants on the markets are still far from that "uncanny valley" moment.

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The Apple two-step: My disastrous attempt to use Apple’s two-factor authentication

2FA is a good idea to stay secure, but it shouldn’t be this hard to use it.


Like clockwork: Samsung’s problems are always bad news for Apple

Really, who comes out worse in the exploding Galaxy Note situation than Apple?

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When traveling, my iPad is essential and my Mac is the add-on

How did that happen, wonders Jason Snell.


Elevated status: Google declared king by fiat

Google, it is said, rulez while Apple apparently droolz.

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Podcast 528: We heart iPhone 7 Plus

Glenn and Kirk talk about iTunes and Apple Music, then Glenn and Susie heap praise upon the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual-lens wonder camera.

Apple Thunderbolt Display

3 neglected Apple products that could use some love

When are we going to get a new Apple display, new networking gear, or even a new iPod touch?


Third time’s the charm: Welcome, iPhone-killing Google phone

Google had never sold a phone before and now it has one with a brand-new thing called a "headphone jack".

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Apple’s war on buttons: What’s next on the chopping block?

With Apple, less is more—the company is known for slashing buttons and ports from their products left and right. We have some guesses on what could be the next to go.