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Peace, love and misunderstanding: Not getting other people’s smartphone choices

A cheap phone might be right for you but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone.

ios9 el capitan

All together now: Would Apple ever go for Microsoft-style convergence?

One device to rule them all, or a different tool for every job?


Tangled web: Playing games with Apple’s accounting games

Just because Apple's hiding some of its cash it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


Headline news: Accuracy need not apply

If it bleeds six colors, it leads.


Double header: Twice the Apple doom

The iPhone won't save Apple and neither will the Watch. The only question is, save it from what?


Are Apple's productivity apps nearing their expiration dates?

Apple's iWork apps—Pages, Keynote, and Numbers—aren't yet compatible with iOS 9's multitasking features for the iPad, which could mean trouble.

find my iphone icon

Find My iPhone comes to the rescue

Apple's lost device system delivers the goods in this short story of a missing bag.


The catechism’s out of the bag: Apple is a religion

Now with expert confirmation!


Never not wrong: Saying Apple should ditch its chips

iPhones are great and people love them so Apple clearly needs some advice on how to make iPhones.

iphone 6s primary

The iPhone 6s may be the last of a dying breed

Could the iPhone 6s be the last “s” release we see?


Bubble thinking: When Apple doesn’t fit your world view

Apple doesn't pass certain litmus tests but that doesn't mean it doesn't have advantages.


When you assume: The problem with saying Apple can’t do something

Making cars is basically impossible.

xcodeghost gallery

XcodeGhost: App Store malware shows the weakest links and Apple’s advantage

The first widespread introduction of malware to the App Store turned out relatively benign. It shows the soft spots in Apple’s security chain.


Uninformative: Half the analysis, all the rage

Apple options are never good when you throw out the instances in which they are good.

ios9 content blockers primary

How iOS 9 content blockers can help you stay secure

With the focus on suppressing ads with content-blocking Safari extensions, security may have taken a backseat. There's a lot to mine there.