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icloud photo library hardware

iCloud Photo Library’s sync need fixing

It'd be nice if users had more control over syncing to the cloud,

apple watch heart rate

How Apple’s wearable tech could and should help your health

Apple needs to leverage its technology to help prevent illness and improve quality of life through prevention.


All specced up and no place to go: Misunderstanding the iPhone

iPhones aren't the best when looked at from this one weird angle.

ipad pro multitasking

How the iPad Pro and iOS 11 will finally kill the MacBook Air

The latest updates to the iPad Pro and iOS are a one-two punch that might finally knock the MacBook Air out of Apple's lineup.


The worst of intentions: Silly HomePod survey

Other products might sell better than the HomePod and this is terrible news for Apple.

ios 11 iphone 8 3d touch

What iOS 11 reveals about the upcoming iPhone 8

Apple's announcement of iOS 11 might have revealed a few clues about the iPhone 8.


Burning hunk of love: The Galaxy Note 8 rumor

All hail the coming iPhone killer.


News you can lose: The last name in Apple analysis

A little research can go a long way. None at all won't get you very far.

ipad pro smart keyboard

10.5-inch iPad Pro first impressions: If it's not broke, fix it anyway?

For someone who was happy with the 9.7-inch model, the new iPad Pro is an indulgence.


Dial tone: Predicting iPhone 8 problems

People don't buy iPhones for one and only one reason.


Summer repeats: Rehashing the same old arguments

Shocking revelation that Apple sometimes charges more for its products.


Parody is dead: One writer’s joke is another writer’s headline

You can make this stuff up but then they'll just use it.


Mo’ problems: Apple again goes for that other share

High prices mean more money.


A winning season: Microsoft does it again

Nobody buys Macs anymore. Too popular.

wwdc16 cook keynote

WWDC 2017: One more big thing

When watching this year's keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, make sure you do one thing: think big.