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The case for a touchscreen Mac

If touchscreens are the future, than Apple may be missing an opportunity to grow.


A thousand wrongs for every right: Apple praise comes with baggage

Sometimes in a rush to detail Apple's failings, mistakes get made.

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How Apple can bring the Touch Bar and Touch ID to desktop Macs

If the Touch Bar really can’t ever be used except on your laptop’s built-in keyboard, it's hard to see it becoming a Mac staple.


The one-sided coin: It always lands on trouble for Apple

AirPod sales are great! Uh-oh!


All is fail: Apple doom only comes in extra large

Even the good stuff must be bad.

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Why Apple is making its original TV content push now

Who needs a new Mac Pro when you can have Carpool Karaoke?

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Sonos needs voice control, and not just Alexa

Jason Snell's current favorite speaker needs to take steps to avoid becoming as obsolete as his last favorite speaker.


Bad example: The 1990s wasn’t Apple’s best decade

You can criticize Apple. Just use better examples.


This time for sure: Are Apple critics finally right?

Probably not based on historical evidence.


The Janus explanation: It’s Microsoft or Apple

Or maybe the two-sided coin explanation is too simple.

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Hey Apple, it's time to give up thinness for a bigger battery

If Apple insists on making its devices thinner and lighter, there simply won't be enough room for batteries that last all day in real-world situations.

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For Apple, tech isn’t about the gadgets

It’s the time of year when tech companies and the media flock to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. But not Apple, and for good reason.


Groundhog year: iPhone production cuts are brand new every year

Even the Macalope is running out of fresh jokes about this annual exercise.

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What the Mac needs in 2017

Apple should stop neglecting its desktop Macs, give users more control over data usage, say goodbye to spinning drives, and more.