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ifixit iphone 6s

Error 53 has the best and worst intentions

A error that indicates your iPhone has been bricked is a good thing done wrong.

Driverless Cars: The existential threat

Today's driverless car is tomorrow's "floaty chair," and that's bad news for humankind.


Prolonging the magic: ‘Error 53’ story becomes the story

It's easy to miss the most important part when you try very hard to.

thinkstock light beams

Let there be light: How Li-Fi could change the Apple ecosystem

Mention of Li-Fi buried in iOS 9.1's many many lines of code have us intrigued about its potential in the iPhone, Apple TV, and even the Apple Car.

using your iphone with a bluetooth keyboard primaryhero b

Why you should use your iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard as your main travel computer

Your iPhone is more of a workhorse than you'd think—especially when you add a Bluetooth keyboard to the mix.


Tempest in a teapot: The iPhone 5se pre-fail

Sometimes a small phone is just a small phone.

apple watch 42 mm stainless steel with white sport band

It's time to stop waiting for the Apple Watch's killer app

Having 15,000 wrist-sized apps available has taught us something: most Apple Watch apps just aren't very good.


Fury road: ‘Error 53’ is more a feature than a bug

Bricking your phone as a service.

new macbook primary

A Mac for all seasons: Why the Mac has so much staying power

It's always iPhone this and iPad that, but as the sturdy workhorse of Apple's lineup, the Mac deserves some praise.

apple commercials openslide

Our 28 favorite Apple commercials

Any discussion about Super Bowl commercials always leads to Apple. In this slideshow, one Macworld editor takes a look at his favorite Apple ads.


The disruption hammer: Apple still drives the smartphone market

It's less its phones and more market dynamics Apple's up against.

ipad pro stock

How far can the iPad fall?

Sales continue to slide, and Jason Snell wonders when we'll hit the bottom.


The cord-cutter’s guide to watching Super Bowl 50

Watching the Super Bowl without cable TV will be easier and better than ever in 2016.

rick astley

In short, stop using brief URLs

Once upon a time, URLs broke, texts were expensive, and space was tight. Those times are gone.

8 apple music from thinkstock

Eyes on Apple Music's accessibility issues

Apple Music rocks—but it's also hard on the eyes of the visually impaired, explains Steven Aquino.


Professor, teach thyself: Misunderstanding Apple’s business

Sometimes a professor needs to go back to school.