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macOS Sierra

It's the ecosystem, stupid: Why Apple's latest OS's complete each other

With iOS 10, macOS Sierra, and watchOS 3, we've gone beyond the stage of Apple products simply working better with other Apple products, and more into them actively working together.


Siri-ously: Siri’s one advantage gets short shrift

Care about it or not, privacy is an actual advantage.

steve jobs apple logo

A look back at Steve Jobs' most colorful keynote moments

During a handful of keynote presentations, Jobs... lost his cool a little bit on stage, solidifying them in Apple's keynote hall of fame. Here, Jason Snell remembers two such moments.


Jetboil’s Genesis Base Camp System is the only car camping stove you’ll ever need

Now you’re cooking with gas! This travel stove is a lightweight, compact dream.


A watched pot: Waiting for perfection

The Apple Watch may not be perfect, but should it have to be?

watchos 3 primary

New iOS extensions stand to benefit Apple Watch

By opening up its core iOS services to third-party developers, Apple is paving the way for some major innovation in watchOS 3.


Strawphone: Arguing against the iPhone 7

Otherwise known as the worst phone ever.

Apple forgot to add iPad-specific features to iOS 10

The WWDC keynote didn't have much for iPad Pro users.


Cause and effect: WWDC yields predictable reaction

Software announcements at a software developers conference?


The nut of an idea: Don’t bury it

Not every mistake has to be the worst thing ever.

macos sierra desktop siri search

With Sierra, Apple lets the Mac be the Mac

Our fears about the grand unification of OS X and iOS were unfounded.

icloud icon 2015

iCloud: Cloudy with a chance of errors

iCloud is a large part of the Apple ecosystem that needs to be more reliable.

iphone lockup apps pr print

Follow the users: Why Messages got the biggest upgrade in iOS 10

Why does Apple care so much about Messages? Just ask anybody.

watchos 3 primary

watchOS 3 is Apple's most crowdsourced product ever

Apple saw how we actually used our Apple Watches, and adapted watchOS to fit. Hallelujah!