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Market sharing: These predictions are useless

Market share predictions are almost always wrong but analysts keep making them anyway.

thinkstockphotos hello my name is

Pondering a name change for OS X

What's in a name? For Apple, maybe something a little different than we're used to.


Don’t be not Apple: It’s the right thing to do

In an alternate reality, Apple is evil. Do not buy products from alternate reality Apple.


You got surveyed: Apple up, Samsung down

What does it all mean? Not much.

ipad mini 3

The iPad's big moment

Apple's dug itself into a hole with the iPad, but now is the time to change everything (again).

Ashley Madison hack

Ashley Madison disclosure shows paper-thin privacy

The membership data for a site that advertised itself as catering to cheating married people has been disclosed, shredding some last vestige of online confidentiality.


Un-special K: Another non-iPhone killer

Once more unto the breach, or close up the wall with our Android dead.

Samsung Gear S2

Copying Apple Watch won’t make Samsung’s Gear S2 any better (or worse)

Welcome to the imitation game. Everyone's a player.

ipadair2 schultz compare

Does the iPad have a future?

iPad fans and iPad haters have one thing in common: They aren't buying a whole lot of iPads at the moment.


Re-seeing the light: All is forgiven, Microsoft!

Windows 10 is not as eye-bleedingly bad as previous versions, so all hail Microsoft!

isync primary

To fix iTunes, Apple should revisit iSync, an app that actually worked

Even before Bluetooth came along, syncing cell phones and PDAs to your Mac was a piece of cake, thanks to iSync.

john legere

How T-Mobile's pricing is pushing AT&T and Verizon in a race to the bottom

In the wake of T-Mobile's aggressive, expansive plans, AT&T is the latest carrier to blink. But wait: Prices will drop much more.


Against the CurrentC: The Apple Pay rival’s continued false start

A funny thing happened on the way to killing Apple Pay.