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happy mac primary

Remember starting up to a Happy Mac?

Why would anyone buy a PC, when the Mac smiled back?


Dead again: Another Apple Watch killer

So many Apple Watch killers, so little Apple Watch death.


Out of touch: The iPad Pro’s premature failure

Apple's philosophy is different than Microsoft's and that's OK.

mac app store

The Mac App Store: Not gone, but certainly forgotten

Mac developers have been frustrated with many limitations of the store for years, and it certainly doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention from Apple.


Traffic court: Trying too hard for attention

Sometimes things aren't worth deconstructing.

ipad pro

The iPad Pro's keyboard problems could use a little work

From software quirks to autocorrect woes, the iPad Pro can be tricky to type on whether you're tapping on glass or a real keyboard.


Cooked goose: Spotting Apple’s problem

Tim Cook's failings are easy to see if you put on these special glasses. A tin foil hat doesn't hurt, either.


Mystery meat: Security survey results lack details

A new survey shows startling results! Supported by too little detail!


MAS extinction: Apple letting a certificate die isn't a security issue, just an embarrassment

Several Mac developers woke yesterday to find customers unable to use software sold via the Mac App Store (MAS) after Apple let a digital certificate lapse. But security wasn't breached.

appletv siri remote hand primary

I want my Apple TV app

The Apple TV's limit of one paired Siri Remote is holding it back...and preventing the iPhone from acting as that second Siri Remote.

apple watch 42 mm stainless steel with white sport band

Six months with the Apple Watch

Dan Moren's Apple Watch isn't getting any younger, and it isn't getting any faster either, even with watchOS 2.


The iPad Obtuse: Misunderstanding the message

The iPad Pro is here and Tim Cook's comments on it are causing a stir.


Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic: Conjuring up Apple doom

These are some magical arguments against Apple's continued success.

grolier primary

How a CD-ROM encyclopedia can influence Apple TV apps today

The dream of the '90s is alive in tvOS...or it should be, anyway.

do not enter thinkstockphotos 176640626

Never download software from software download sites

Google and Bing take you to a site that purports to have the OS X software download you need. Go elsewhere, for your safety.