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Macworld Insider FAQs

Before You Sign Up

What is Macworld Insider?
Macworld Insider is a members-only club with special features that enhance the Macworld online experience.

What do I get as an Insider?
As a Macworld Insider, you get:

  • The power to turn off ads on Macworld.com
  • The ability to view multi-page articles as one page
  • Access to full-text RSS feeds in the newsreader of your choice
  • Downloadable PDFs of every Macworld magazine in recent years
  • Insider status on the Macworld.com forums including access to an exclusive Insider forum
  • Invitations to members-only online chats with Macworld editors
  • An exclusive monthly Insider newsletter
  • And more

Why should I join?
Macworld Insider members no longer have to view ads on Macworld.com, but with a Macworld Insider subscription can still support Macworld and the great writers and editors who produce all the content you enjoy every day. You'll also get more ways to read Macworld, access to a more exclusive community where the signal-to-noise ratio is high, and the freedom to recycle those old issues of the magazine and replace them with fully searchable PDFs.

So this isn't stuff I already get for free on Macworld.com?
We've taken nothing away from the content on Macworld.com. Macworld Insider features come in addition to the great content and experience we provide to all Macworld.com visitors.

Sounds great. How much does it cost?
Macworld Insider costs $19.95 for one year.

How does this differ from the digital versions of Macworld?
The digital edition of Macworld is available in two formats; the first is a PDF replica version of Macworld Magazine that you can download and read on your Mac or PC, iPhone, or iPad using the free Zinio Reader software or app. The Zinio PDF replica version is available for $19.97, for a 1 year subscription. PDF replica versions of Macworld Magazine are also available with your Amazon Kindle or on your supported device through the Kindle App, with your Barnes and Noble Nook or on your supported device through the Nook App, or lastly with your Android 2.2 device or higher through the Google Newsstand available on Google Play. These versions are available for purchase as a monthly recurring susbcription for $1.99 a month, and single issues are available for $6.99. The second digital version of Macworld Magazine is the Enhanced iPad Edition, which is available on the iPad (iOS 5 or higher), and was created to bring a new Macworld Magazine experience to iPad users, with layouts and features designed especially for the iPad including remastered articles and additional multimedia content. The Enhanced iPad Edition is currently available for free with your print subscription (for a limited time), and is also available on the Apple Newsstand, via iTunes, for a $1.99 monthly recurring subscription, or $6.99 for single issues.

Do I get a confirmation e-mail after I sign up?
Yes, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with your account number and coupon code for the Web store within 24 hours of subscribing to Macworld Insider. However, as soon as you sign up you'll have instant access to the Insider site features.

Already A Macworld Insider Subscriber

How do I Sign In?
As a Macworld Insider, you're also a member of Macworld.com. Click the Sign In link at the top of a Macworld.com page. Then on the Sign In form enter either your e-mail address or your user name, as well as your password. (Be sure to use the same upper/lower case letters you used when you set your user name and password.) You'll be signed in both as a member and as a Macworld Insider.

What if I forget my password?
Click the Sign In link, then click the "Forgot password?" link on the Sign In form. You'll be presented with a password reset form. Enter your e-mail address and then the password you want to use. (Be sure to keep a record of it.) Confirm that new password and submit the form. A verification message will be sent to your e-mail address. Click the link in that message to activate your new password.

Where do I find my Macworld Insider features?
When you're signed in as a Macworld Insider on Macworld.com you'll see that the Sign In at the top right corner of the page has changed. An MW (Macworld Insider) icon next to your user name will show that you're logged in as a Macworld Insider. Click on your username next to that to go to your My Account page. Once there, click on the Macworld Insider Features tab to go to the Macworld Insider Features page.

  • On the Features page click the icon or the link to enable or disable the display of ads, to subscribe to full text RSS feeds, to download complete issues of Macworld magazine as PDFs, and so on. (Note: New issues of Macworld are added to the PDF archive after they're no longer on sale on newsstands.)

  • On the "My Account" page click the Newsletter Subscriptions button to go to a page where you can add or remove newsletters. You're automatically subscribed to the exclusive monthly Macworld Insider newsletter when you become a Macworld Insider, and any other Macworld newsletters to which you've subscribed will also be checked on that page.

  • Also on your "My Account" page click the "Update email address" button to change your e-mail address. On the "Manage Email Address & Subscriptions" page enter your email address in the field. Click the "Change email address" radio button. Click the "Continue" button. You'll see the message, "We've just sent an email to [your current email address] with instructions for changing your address." When the email arrives, open it and click the link in it. You'll be taken to a form where you'll enter your current registered email address and your new address. Click Finish.

Note: To check or change your Macworld magazine subscription (print or digital), scroll to the bottom of a Macworld.com page and click the "Magazine Customer Service" link.

How will I know when my Macworld Insider subscription is about to expire?
Your Macworld Insider subscription is annual and will auto-renew. We'll send you an e-mail 30 days before auto-renewing your subscription. At that time you can decide whether you want to cancel; if not, we'll charge your card and you can enjoy another year of Macworld Insider. If you have also subscribed to the print or digital magazine you'll get a separate notice and will need to renew your subscription. As a reminder, if you cancel or fail to renew your magazine (print or digital) subscription your Insider subscription will auto-renew at the full price ($19.95).

Who do I contact if I have questions about billing/account status/renewal?
Please e-mail Subscriber Services at subhelp@macworld.com and include your full name, the e-mail address at which you subscribe, your account number (found in your original confirmation e-mail) and 'Macworld Insider' in the subject line and/or body of the e-mail. Alternatively, you can call toll-free 800-288-6848 (US and Canada) or 515-243-3273 (all other locations).

Who do I contact if I am experiencing technical difficulties or have other questions/issues with the site or Macworld Insider features?
If you encounter problems on Macworld.com or have questions about the site, please write to Macworld.com Customer Service at sitehelp@macworld.com