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Description *************************** 8/10 SILVER AWARD on 4.2/5 Stars on APPVEE.COM *************************** COME AND JOIN US AND RUB SHOULDERS WITH THE CHAMPIONS OF THE ARENA! My Brute is a crazy, off-the-wall game of combat that gives you the chance to challenge fighters from all over the world. You simply take on a series of challenges, gain experience, unlock new skills and crush your enemies with ever-greater speed. My Brute is easy to access and allows you to: -Unlock and personalise up to 9 brutes. -Invite other players to become your pupils. -Open your own dojo and find yourself a master worthy of this title. -Fight up to 5 opponents a day. -Discover and master more than 70 skills and weapons. -Unlock up to 8 battle arenas. -Have discussions with other players from around the world via Open Feint. -Challenge your friends on Facebook Connect. THROW PLENTY OF BLOWS, KICKS AND PUNCHES TO BECOME THE MOST FEARED BRUTE OF ALL! Bulkypix is developing additional features which will be offered to you on a regular basis. *************************** Releases: Update 1: My Brute Update 2: My Brute V1.5: iPhone OS 3.0 features: access to your own iPod library so that you can listen to your own music while playing. Update 3: My Brute V1.6: Opening of the “Pantheon of Brutes”. This version offers you a world ranking. Update 4: My Brute V1.7: The brutes are on the loose! New arena available. Update 5: My Brute V1.8: My Brute around the world. This update offers you the chance to choose a location for your dojo on a map of the world. *************************** Coming soon: A set of titles which you can unblock for your brutes. Proudly display your “Ultimate Brute” or “Human Wall” title. Dozens of titles will be available so that you can personalise your favourite brutes even more. *************************** Configuration requirements: Compatible iPhone and iPod touch Wifi/Internet connection required CHECK OUT OUR OTHER EXCITING GAMES: Hysteria Project,BaDaBoo, Daily Quizz: what happened today