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Description This (un)official insulter is based on the original Shakespeare Insulter from the days of old. This modern day insulter uses the original dictionary, but offers up AUDIO as well, speaking the insulting phrase to whomever you are directing your insults at. Issue a new insult with a tap or a shake.

According to some critics, this is NOT the real thing because it does not use a British accent. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I was not born with one, nor have I acquired one. So I have dubbed this an Unofficial insulter so as to not insult. This uses an American voice, purposely stilted for effect ;-)

That said, this is very funny. AND, it uses a purposely stilted delivery as a part of the tongue in cheek humor that this represents. So please enjoy and...


• your teacher
• your principle
• your boss
• the person who was your boss until you got fired for insulting them
• your friends
• people who are not your friends
• your colleagues
• people who are not your colleagues
• people who will no longer be your friend once insulted
• your children
• your parents
• your dog or your cat
• a policeman writing you a ticket
• and all others not falling into the above categories


• the ability to insult within seconds of needing to do so
• spoken insults
• animated visual insult, in sentence format
• you don't have the time to listen to all of the possible insults


Those with 1st generation iPod will need earphones to be insulted aurally.