Current Version Version: 1.2.0
Author Edutainment Resources, Inc.
Price $3.00
Description PRICE REDUCTION!: Due to the incompatibility of OS3 & iOS4, a few features of this app play incorrectly on iOS4. We have reduced the app price, apologize for the inconvenience, & appreciate your understanding. AppReview rating: "GOOD" Welcome to the exciting world of PencilBot multimedia edutainment! Tap your iPhone or iPod touch to experience authentic, everyday English in fun, interactive activities that bring English to life. PencilBot ESL Apps . . . •let you experience authentic language in real life situations through short videos and interactive mini games •offer chances to play with the language and put your English knowledge to use •keep you motivated to continue learning and expanding your language abilities PencilBot ESL Apps are convenient, perfect for self-study or enjoying with friends, at home or on the go. Use them often, and you will see clear improvements in your listening, reading, and conversational skills in English. FEATURES OF THIS APP: •Blue level – medium difficulty. Good for intermediate to low advanced English learners! (Check out our green and red level apps too) •5 activities per app: ―Feature video – Real people in real life settings talk about their cool hobbies, jobs, and lives (like “hip-hop dancing” in this app). Watch and get used to the rhythm and ways native English speakers talk, all to help you prepare for your own conversations in English. ―PencilBot Adventures – Help PencilBot save the day! Watch and listen for clues! Your every move affects how the story will unfold in this fun-filled animated adventure. Listening for details is a good skill to learn and will help you understand and respond better in conversations in English. ―3 interactive games – To further practice listening, build vocabulary, and more. •Interactive subtitles – Get extra help with just a tap of your finger. Touch the interactive subtitles to view key words, definitions, and example sentences. •New Flash Card option – Choose among 4 different ways to learn and review key words and definitions to build your knowledge and fluency with these words and phrases. Our vocabulary words all come from the context of the app, so it’s easier to connect the definitions to meaningful, authentic use, far better than traditional vocabulary lists without context. •Instructions in major languages that iPhone supports – To provide easy-to-understand directions for how to play each game and best use its features. We appreciate and listen to your feedback – take our survey on the website and let us know how we can improve PencilBot apps for you in the future! LEARNING THE PENCILBOT WAY Learning a language isn't always easy. We all know that vocabulary and grammar are very important, and there are plenty of products out there for that. But just studying words and grammar alone is not enough . . . You need to experience authentic language in real life situations, so you can see how English is used naturally. You need chances to play with the language and put the English knowledge you’ve already learned to use. And you need motivation to keep learning and expanding your language abilities. It is in these three important areas where PencilBot shines. PencilBot ESL Apps provide an exciting mix of language, culture, knowledge, and cool topics, all in entertaining short videos and interactive mini games. It is our belief that if you’re having fun while learning, it is easier to stick with it, so you can gain a better understanding of and make improvements in your English communication. That’s what “edutainment” is all about. Language: English

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