Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Roman Scheiter
Price $1.00
Description Party Buddy will help you when you are helpless after partying hard. This application provides you with a super sleek user interface which can be operated by the drunkest of drunks: two large buttons to notify your designated driver that you need support. You can either phone your designated driver, or send him a message containing a URL pin pointing your current location.

Additionally, Party Buddy will save you from fatal mistakes like drunk dialing your ex, boss or mother. When drunk dial protection is enabled, Party Buddy will replace the phone number of your contacts with the phone number of your designated driver. So, if you experience a weak moment and attempt to dial anyone in intoxication, you will be connected to your designated driver instead.

Feature Summary:
* Designate a Driver before heading to a party
* Sleek and easy to use User Interface
* Quick Dial your designated driver
* Send pickup requests via geo-location enabled email
* Protect yourself from mistakes during moments of weakness with Drunk Dial Protection

Party Buddy is a must have application for any serious party animal. Get it today and party safely.

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