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Price $1.00
Description The greatest game of all now has a dedicated news and opinions based news reader.

Stay up to date with the latest MLB news, tips and opinions with more than 1000 blog posts preloaded into the Baseball News Reader and being constantly updated by some of the best bloggers in the biz. Also includes a Fantasy Baseball blogs section.

You can also use the Baseball News Reader as your main news and blog reader because you can easily add your favorite blogs on any topic via the "Add Blog via URL" or "Search Blog via Keyword" features.

News Reader features include:

* Pre-loaded blog suggestions
* Search Blogs via Keyword
* Add Blog via URL
* Read blogs offline
* Checks for new Blog posts when you launch
* Delete, move or add blogs
* Categories
* Email blog posts to your friends
* View in posts in Safari
* Unread posts indicated by number
* Help for Blog Reader functions

**If your favorite blog is not included just add it to your "MyBlogs" category.

Note: You need to be connected to the internet to add blogs or refresh existing ones. However, you can read blogs offline.
On first run the Blog Reader could take longer than normal to load the app and then refresh blogs. We recommend you let the blogs fully refresh the first time you load the app.