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Description VERSION OPTIMIZED FOR IPHONE 4 !! IPHONE 3 UPDATE : TOMORROW ! The Official Game of the Tour de France 2011: The global standard for cycling games! SPECIAL RETINA VERSION ! (iPhone 4 + iPod Touch) Become the team manager for your favorite team and then become a legend as you lead your team to victory! Manage the peloton and deal with breakaways, climbs, accidents, loss of form, and more. TAKE CONTROL and take part in the most realistic virtual Tour de France ever seen! Choose the correct racing strategy and the best tactical plans. Expose the weaknesses of your competitors, and attack with your team in full force! Tour de France 2011 – The Official Game: The best way to experience the race! You'll love.... REALISM & STRATEGY - Powerful and accurate AI, which is exceptional for an ultra-realistic race, including climbs up mythical mountain passes, breakaways, peloton attitude, defending the yellow jersey, relays, and sprints. It's just like the actual race! - AI that allows full control of each cyclist and the team as a whole! - A highly detailed interface for each cyclist: Actual characteristics: age, weight, height, etc. Profile: rouleur, baroudeur, sprinter, or climber Physical abilities: speed, acceleration, power (W), resistance/endurance, energy (kJ), etc. - All real-time information and stats so that you can adjust your racing strategy. - Real jerseys: The prestigious yellow jersey, the green jersey for the best sprinter, and the polka dot jersey for the best climber! - The real name of the 21 official stages and the beautiful French countryside! ADRENALINE & FACEBOOK CONNECTIVITY - ALL NEW!! The course will be difficult, and your fans can make the difference. Enjoy the support of your Facebook friends throughout the race. With a simple button, you can publish a message to your wall. When your friends like the link, you will collect points instantly. - In addition to the yellow jersey, try to win four other challenges at each stage. Will your cyclists keep together during climbs, or will they break away? It's up to you. GRAPHICS & AN EXCEPTIONAL INTERFACE - Beautiful landscapes that transport you into the middle of the race - Clear and detailed control interfaces: team table, results table, etc. - Smooth navigation, essential for this type of game Join the conversation! •Facebook: •Twitter: For more information on the official Le Tour de France 2011 mobile game, visit the official website at

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