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Description *****Turn your iPhone into a feature rich GPS-enable cycling computer *****GPS-enabled real time maps, multi-activities, track workout goals and intervals, split times, sharing, analyze distance and calories burned over multiple activities, camera, and integration with ***** Reviewed by 'The Sunday Times' winning the 'Best Buy' in a head to head test against 2 top GPS tracking apps. Recently updated with several bug fixes and speed improvements Whether cycling for leisure or training for a race, Cycle Tracker Pro will track your route, speed and distance. Share your workouts with friends on email, Facebook or Twitter. Athletes, cyclists and triathletes: use Cycle Tracker Pro to track for all your training and fitness program and data analysis needs- link to and upload workouts for advanced analysis and tracking. Get Cycle Tracker Pro and view workout time, pace, speed, calories burned, training intervals, splits, map location in real time, take photos, share workouts, listen to music and receive audio feedback. WORKOUTS Chose from a wide range of workouts · Interval training · Distance/time based goal · Race against your previous times CUSTOM READOUTS AND ACTIVITY REPORTS Fully customizable, easy to read dashboard · Timer- Elapsed time, speed, average speed, max speed, distance, calories burned, altitude climbed, pace average pace, max pace · Graph- View splits, pace history and speed history while you workout · Map- See your position on real time Google Maps MAPS · Google Maps- Hybrid, Street and Satellite · OpenCycle Maps- High Def.Cycle Routes MUSIC Motivate with your personal music or pod cast selection · Add play list or pod casts from iPod · Change music during your workout · Select Power song for extra motivation GHOST RUNNER Race against a previous workout, Track personal bests of routes · Real-time behind/in front of readout · “Future you” target mode SHARING · Share your workouts and activities with friends · Post workouts on Twitter, Facebook or send via email with an easy click · Share images with built in camera feature · Export your shared rout maps to Google Earth PLUS… INTERVAL TRAINING CAMERA MANUAL INPUT AUDIO FEEDBACK MULTIPLE PROFILES CUSTOMIZABLE ACTIVITIES When used in tandem with the Basic or Premium TrainingPeaks subscription plan, users of the Cycle Tracker Pro GPS mobile app are able to: • Work with a qualified coach or trainer • Follow a professionally developed training plan • Use TrainingPeak’s always-handy Virtual Coach • Track their individual nutrition programs • Record important fitness metrics, like weight and stress • Interact with a community of other athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are training with similar goals.