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Description GedView is a viewer and recording tool for your genealogy database when you are out and about researching local records, or visiting locations such as graveyards looking for information. GedView acts as a way to quickly check up on family relationships, and dates/locations of events, and record new information. No specific desktop application is required as standard GEDCOM files are used for importing data. These can be encoded as ASCII, ANSI, ANSEL, UTF-8, or UTF-16 and can be imported from websites, over WiFi, and with iOS4 or on iPad from iTunes, email attachments, or opened from other apps. As complete trees are kept on your iPhone or iPod you can always access your data, even if you have no network signal. Multiple GEDCOM files can be imported into separate databases. Information is presented via: A surname index, leading down to an index of individuals with the same surname. Selecting an individual will show that person, along with any events, their parents, and any spouses or children they may have. From here you can view a descendants report or a pedigree tree. A family index, leading down to details about that family, the parents, related events, and children in that family. Editing is supported allowing you to create/change/delete individuals, families, events, facts, notes, and sources. Changes can be exported as a new gedcom file allowing you to import the details back into your desktop genealogy application. An additional feature is available if you have OS 3.0 or above. The location of any event/fact can be viewed on a map. As of version 2.2 there are now a number of configuration options available to modify the appearance of GedView, you can find these in the main settings app on your device. A sample database containing a family tree of the british monarchy is included. Some new features may require files to be reimported if they were imported in earlier versions.