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Description With over 30,000 words of learning content, and nine layers of interactive musculoskeletal visual graphics, Pocket Body is a fully anatomically accurate human character on your device. Pocket Body is a fully searchable interactive atlas of the human anatomy which allows the busy medical and nursing student or allied health care professional to visualize the human musculoskeletal system through the use of interactive high definition illustrations of the human body. Additional features allow the user to make learning notes as they progress through the learning content, and the app incorporates three different types of built-in anatomy quizzes, which act as a self-test capability to assist in learning and exam preparation. Pocket Body assists the medical, nursing or health care student learn clinically relevant anatomy of the human body and assists these students prepare for and be successful in their human anatomy examinations. It makes advanced human musculoskeletal gross anatomy content available on demand, while serving as a supplement to the lectures, classes and complementary texts used by the medical and health care students. The app will act as a continuing anatomy resource throughout a student degree program and will also operate as a comprehensive human anatomy reference tool for the health care professional in the workplace. The intuitive navigation enables the user to navigate from the skin layer through the superficial to deep musculature, and on through to ligaments and the skeleton with the ability to view each layer from an Anterior, Posterior, Lateral and Plantar viewpoint. Anatomical structures in each layer are pinned for identification and associated with each pin is additional concise relevant information including clinical notes. All of the information is presented in an interactive, mobile and accessible format which takes full use of the features of the iPad device in marked contrast to the two-dimensional (2D) printed pictures and diagrams commonly used in the teaching of advanced human anatomy today. Benefits: * Comprehensive anatomical content available on demand through your iPad (regardless of wi-fi or 3G access). * 30,000 words of supplementary detailed anatomical content to supplement your existing course material. * Intuitive navigational system, so you don’t have to scroll through a long list of regions. * Multiple quiz types and options, enabling you self-test at your own pace. * Ability to make notes within the app, which enhances your learning. * Interactive engaging multimedia, which stimulates multiple senses, thereby enhancing your learning. Pocket Anatomy invites your feedback on how to improve the content, usability and design of our apps. Click on the Support Link below to participate in our product improvement program.

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