Current Version Version: 1.0
Author voi nguyen
Price $30.00
Description Human Anatomy 3D/HD is one of the most complete apps in the iTunes store. 13 male and female systems to view in fabulous 3D. (Load up to 3 sytems at once)! Use your finger to rotate, zoom in/out or pan. Over 3,500 body parts to view in beautiful colors. Perfect for high school and medical students, nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals. Any body part can be viewed in transparent mode or color mode. Languages: English Only Requirement: iPad iOS 4.2+ Modules with sub categories: + Circulatory System + Digestive System + Endocrine System + Integumentary System + Ligaments System + Lymphatic System + Muscle System + Nervous System + Reproductive System + Respiratory System + Skeletal System + The Senses + Urinary System

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