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Description The Human Body ** #1 in Medical for iPad February 2011 ** The Human Body describes 300 parts of human anatomy, from the skull to bones of the toe, from hair fibres to valves of the heart, and from muscles to nerves to blood supply. Each of the 300 entries in The Human Body is illustrated with an annotated colour artwork accompanied by text on the body part’s function and an information table. Written in collaboration with a professor of clinical anatomy, The Human Body is both highly informative for medical students but also accessible for the general reader. - 300 entries providing a complete picture of human anatomy - Superbly illustrated with detailed annotated colour artworks - Zoom function for close study - Can show or hide annotations - Information tables include body system, location, function, components and related parts - Written in collaboration with a professor of clinical anatomy - Bookmarking facility for key entries - Handy notes option - Easy-to-use search functions - All data stored offline on your device - Requires no internet connection after download - Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch "The Human Body is an excellent tool for anyone interested in anatomy. It provides excellent information, and useful diagrams. Users are sure to find everything they’re looking for." -