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Price Free
Description Kard Combat is an ancient tournament of cards and magic. Grow your magical powers and your Kard collection by battling your way up the Black Tower, floor by floor. The rewards you earn will help you defeat the Arch Mage, Harkus, and the many other magi you may encounter online. For FREE, you receive: ★ All four mage classes, each with unique strategies: Holy, Death, Machine and Dominator ★ Over 40 Kards to use in battle ★ Unlimited, turn-based multiplayer battles ★ 5 Tower battles, complete with rewards ★ 3 Single Duels For the minimum In-App purchase price, you will also receive: ★ The full, 33 battle Tower campaign ★ Unlimited Single Duels ★ Access to over 100 incredible, hand-crafted cards ★ The ability to run up to 20 simultaneous multiplayer games Lending his vision to co-design the game, Richard Garfield, creator of the wildly popular card game, Magic: The Gathering, states: “For years I’ve wanted to create Magic-like experiences for people who play video games. Kard Combat on iPhone and iPad does this and is simple enough for anyone to pick up and play, but with plenty of depth for the hard core player. Hothead has created a truly magical game.” New mage classes, “Challenge mode” and other general improvements are coming very soon. Sign up to our facebook page at and keep watching for more information.