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Description PLEASE NOTE: iOS 4.0 or Later is Required. InMyBar is a Drink and Cocktail app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users who want to know what drinks they can make with the ingredients they have and what they need to make their favorite and popular drinks. InMyBar is designed around a feature called My Bar with three main categories: What Do I Have, What Can I Make and What Do I Need. Sure, there are cocktail apps that advertise 2,000 or even 20,000 recipes but they are of little use to most people if you only have the ingredients to make 50 of those drinks. Some of the newest features include a Shopping List, Facebook and Twitter integration, random drinks and themed drinks for Pro Football, Christmas and New Years. Unlike other bar apps, InMyBar allows you to select the actual brand names of ingredients that you have and can display only the drinks that you can make based on those ingredients. Select the spirits, mixers, fruits, juices, etc. and InMyBar will tell you exactly what drinks you can make with detailed instructions on how to make them. Every ingredient and every drink has a picture of the actual item and you can click on any picture to see a full size version of it. Almost all drink recipes can be made without any specific brand name ingredients so even though InMyBar has brand detail for ingredient selection, the drink recipes seldom require a specific brand. The What Do I Need view tells you what you are missing in order to make your favorite and our top rated drinks. It also shows you the list of items you have in your shopping cart. InMyBar offers you the ability to add your own ingredients and your own drink recipes to our list of more than 1,200. Create a drink with the ingredients and measurements exactly the way you like to make it and even add a photo of the drink. You can also clone a drink recipe so you can copy, rename and edit your own version of a drink. Ingredient Specific Features: * Over 1,900 ingredients to choose from including spirits, mixers, juices and others * Includes pictures of every ingredient (the bottle, can, fruit, etc.) to visually help you find the right one * Browse or search all ingredients * Search an ingredient for drinks that contain them to find out what you can make with some of your less common spirits * Delete an ingredient if it is something you would never use or not available in your area * Add your own ingredients if you find something we missed * Add an ingredient to your shopping cart Drink Recipe Features: * Over 1,200 carefully selected, manually edited and spell checked drink recipes * Includes pictures of what every finished drink should look like * Recipes for virtually all of the most popular mixed drinks * Includes every drink from the International Bartenders Association (IBA) Official List * Recipes for 632 cocktails, 187 martinis, 136 shots, 79 themed drinks and hundreds more * Browse or search all drink recipes * Delete drink recipes that you don't want to see or make * Add your own recipes to make a drink just the way you like it * Flag drink recipes as favorites to make sure you have the ingredients for them * Add all ingredients needed for a drink to your shopping cart Extra Features: * MyBar feature tells you exactly what drinks you can make and what you need * Facebook, Twitter and Email features * Pick or Shake for a Random Drink * No advertisements taking up valuable space on your screen * Bar Profiles to track the inventory for multiple bars such as your home, a friend’s house, etc. * All information is stored on your device so no Internet connection is required * Includes an FAQ section for reference * Free future upgrades with more ingredients, drinks and new features * Full app help, which is especially useful for learning how to add your own

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