Current Version Version: 1.1
Author NewBlue
Price Free
Description Make great videos with custom video intros and effects, then share your 30-second video clips on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, email, or save to your camera roll! AS SEEN ON GigaOm, NY Times, Reuters and Macworld! -------------------- ★★★★★ VERSION 1.1 -------------------- ✔ Ability to save Vibop! videos to camera roll ✔ Added sign in using Facebook Connect ✔ Fixed picture uploads for intros ✔ Turned stabilizer off for vertical videos ✔ Improved application stability ✔ Vertical videos now play correctly ✔ Updated help overlay ------------------- ★★★★★ Vibop! ------------------- Vibop! is the fun, easy, and FREE way to shoot, shine, and share your world in motion. Share a video through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or email in 3 easy steps: 1) Shoot it. Easily grab or shoot 30 seconds of video from your phone. Vibop!’s exclusive (and free!) Autofix feature repairs your shaky video or dull color automatically. 2) Shine it. Choose from a variety of customizable video Intros, then select from over 20 professionally-designed video effects to make your video to add a personal, one-of-a-kind touch. 3) Share it. Easily share your video with the world – or maybe just your friends – via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, email or save it to your camera roll to share later. ---------------------------- ★★★★★ FEATURES ---------------------------- Vibop! 1.1 includes these extraordinary capabilities: ✔ EXCLUSIVE Automatic video stabilization ✔ EXCLUSIVE Automatic color correction ✔ EXCLUSIVE Custom, quality video intros ✔ EXCLUSIVE Unlimited personalized intros ✔ EXCLUSIVE Titling and photo options ✔ EXCLUSIVE Professional effects library ✔ EXCLUSIVE One-touch help overlay ✔ Video camera and Camera Roll access ✔ 30 second easy-trim ✔ Side-by-side before/after video preview ✔ Vibop! Shop for premium Effects/Intros ✔ Email address book auto-populate ✔ Instant sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube ✔ Save Vibop! videos to your camera roll Plus: Vibop! gives you FREE Effects & FREE Intros right from the start. Effects like: B&W, Comic, Old West, Sepia, and Spy do wonders for your videos. And don’t forget to start your video off right with intros like Beatz, Dancin’, Flowers, Flutter, Old Movie and more. We also offer Premium Effects (lots to choose from) & Premium Intros, designed to make your video truly unique and fun. Got an idea? Submit it here:

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