Current Version Version: 1.2
Author ASL Productions Inc.
Price $3.00
Description SeaHD: A High Definition Ocean Aquarium with the sharpest videos available for your iPad. *Real HD Videos, Real Fish, Real Oceans. All optimized to enhance your iPad viewing experience* **Featured on The Martha Stewart Show** SeaHD brings you on a journey through several oceans around the globe. View real dolphins, sharks, eels, clownfish & more. Watch tranquil footage on your desktop or HDTV for an entertaining experience. Learn facts about the marine environment. Construct your own video playlist to watch your favorite clips. Features Include: • Multiple Locations: Dive Points Around the Globe • Over 20 Stunning HD¹ Videos • Original Portrait Videos • Fish Identification: Learn Facts About Species • SEAquence: Create Your Own Playlist • Music: Select From Included Ambient Soundtracks or From iTunes • Export clips to iMovie • In App purchase bundles (download over 20 more amazing creatures) • Output to Your TV² with HDMI • Airplay Support (Single Dive Points Only) Expect stunning footage of coral reefs exploding with marine animals and beautiful fauna. Experience close up encounters with several marine species and learn interesting facts. ¹SeaHD uses H.264 compression for iPad. ²iPad2 Only, via Apple 30pin to HDMI Adapter. TIPS ON HOW TO USE FEATURES: • Press & Hold a Dive Point on the Map: Reveals Thumbnail, press again to play • For In App Purchases, selecting the solid color ring will automatically download each clip individually. Pulsing rings means the clip is downloaded • Double Tap Clips in Playlist: Drag & Drop to Rearrange • Selecting the disc icon exports your clip to your camera roll ************All footage is strictly licensed for SeaHD customer use only and is NOT intended for commercial use. Permission must be obtained by the content owner/App developer prior to any commercial, broadcast, web, app, media, digital media or other industrial use******

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