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Price Free
Description PAC'N TWIT is PAC-MAN themed Twitter client for iPhone and iPod Touch that is simple and easy to use. In addition to PAC-MAN, it includes two Galaga skins that you can change freely and use to enjoy Twitter. We also plan to add an assortment of skins in the future. ・Use Twitter with Ease Perform all basic actions, like viewing timelines and replies, display direct messages, edit lists and more. ・Useful search features: Search by tweet or hash tag, user, and location. ・Push system: Whenever you get a new DM or reply, you are notified immediately by push. ・Picture posting/URL abbreviation features ・Settings: Change scroll settings, automatic updates, font size, shake updates, push settings, time display and more. ・Compatible with multiple accounts Choose your favorite design and have a chance to win wallpaper Two PAC-MAN skins and Two Galaga skins are included initially. Further skins are planned for future release. Spin a roulette wheel depending on how many tweets you've posted. If you win, you'll collect a puzzle piece! Complete the puzzle and you'll get iPhone wallpaper. There is wallpaper for each skin. ※This application is not available on iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd generation. More useful features are planned. For news, support information and feedback, contact: