Current Version Version: 1.0.2
Author Alexander Repty
Price $2.00
Description Foodish makes dining and drinking twice as much fun. Foodish provides an elegant and convenient daily and weekly overview of all entered meals and drinks. A candy bar is a small sin, a chocolate cake is a big one. If we're honest, we know exactly what we should avoid in healthy diet. That's why Foodish doesn't require you to put your food on a scale. Entering anything is easy and quickly done: just choose how healthy your food is, enter a title and/or snap a picture - and you're done! Foodish records what meals and drinks you had in a hands-on manner and gives a valuable overview how healthy or unhealthy a diet is. Foodish is the elegant and modern way to track a diet for all those who don't want to mess with scales and calories or just want to eat more healthily. And if you had something special: tell it your friends! Foodish supports Twitter and Facebook. Also, there's direct Wikipedia integration, so you know what you get when you're being served Saltimbocca.

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