Current Version 1.2
Author Sixfoisneuf42
Price $1.00

TellMeLater is an app that allows you to create quick and simple reminders for the things that doesn't deserve to clutter your agenda or task manager : pay rent, watch that show, grab running shoes…

Video demo here :

You are notified with an alert on your iPhone but also with an email and Twitter direct message.There's no way you're going to miss it.

- The quickest and simplest way to create a reminder.

- Beautiful and intuitive interface, optimized for the Retina Display.

- Local notification on the iPhone doesn't require internet connection.

- Handle all your pending and past reminders, very handy for the ones you regularly need to reprogram.

- Quickly reprogram a reminder. In 15 minutes or in an hour (or in any amount of time).

To get theTwitter direct messages, you have to follow this account :

If you are not receiving the email notifications, maybe they are considered as spam by your email client.

Your email address will be deleted from the server after the notification and will not be used for something else.

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