Current Version Version: v 1.0.1
Author Jeppesen
Price Free
Description Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck provides pilots who subscribe to Jeppesen electronic charting with immediate, direct and reliable access to enroute chart data, terminal charts, and Jeppesen Airway Manual text. Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck is designed for use on the ground or in the cockpit and provides the industry’s first interactive mobile enroute application that can be used as a true paper-replacement solution for RNAV capable flight decks. With Jeppesen Mobile FD you will get: • Data-driven and interactive enroute display • Display of your aircraft position on enroute display and airport diagrams • Standard airway manual text • Arrival, departure and approach procedures • Chart change notifications (terminal and enroute) • Full-color, high-quality, vector-based data with amazing details and zoom capabilities • Basic routing Note 1: You must have a valid Jeppesen electronic charting serial number in order to activate the application, or update your charts. New Jeppesen subscription serial numbers are activated within one hour of purchase. Note 2: For pilots flying by means of conventional navigation the following data elements are not present in Jeppesen’s interactive enroute chart display: Change over points, distance between VORs, signal gaps, and waypoint formations (also known as “intersection formations”). Pilots are responsible for ensuring they have all required navigation information prior to flight.

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