Current Version 1.2
Author Mr. B. Ware
Price $1.00

An easy and simple way to turn your great color shots into exciting black and white photos. Simply B&W allows you to:

* Select from 6 different colored lens filters to enhance certain colors and shades in a photo.

* Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.

* Choose from border options of none,white or black.

* Add simulated film grain.

* Add black or white vignetting.

* Preserve EXIF data(requires iOS 4.1 or later).

* Outputs images up to 2592x2592 as well as a slight border (if desired).

* Supports PhotoAppLink. This is allows you to easily send or receive photos with Simply B&W to or from other compatible apps. See for more details.



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#9 in the Top 25 iPhone Photo Apps for Parents of 2011

This app provides helpful advice on which filter to choose and easily has the best image quality of any other app of its kind. It also has a magical power to make a wild, screaming child look serious, astute, and brooding...

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This first release of the app gets a lot of things right. I like Simply B&W.

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Given the overabundance of black and white converters in the App Store, Simply B&W can easily go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, although I am mostly devoted to black and white photography, I had overlooked this app myself. However, as far as the value of Simply B&W is concerned, I am quite sure iPhone black and white enthusiasts will enjoy this app quite a bit.

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The beauty of this app is the simplicity. You just choose from one of the five color filters, and then tweak brightness/contrast.

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Simply B&W is definitely a simple to use app that is very capable of producing some really nice black and white images, either directly from the camera itself, or existing photos. Whilst it doesn't offer the features found in some of the more advanced black and white apps, what it does offer, it does well.

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In a few words: app creation of black and white as simple and elegant, Simply B & W produces natural results and well balanced. An excellent choice of its kind!

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