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Description "Localmind iPhone app is the future of local crowdsourcing" - NY Times "Genius Idea: Adding a Q&A layer on top of checkins." - Mashable "Finally, check-in services have a more practical purpose." - Business Insider "When it comes to community-assisted local Q&A, this is definitely *the* app to watch." - GigaOm WHAT IS LOCALMIND? Localmind helps you figure out where to go, what to do, and what's happening around town right now by instantly connecting you to local experts and people out right right now. Find out how long the wait at the restaurant is, what the best hiking trail in your city is, or what set is playing at the Arcade Fire concert right now. "I've seen a TON of different location-based apps...but today I was introduced to one that actually is useful AT SXSW: Localmind." -- Robert Scoble "I felt that I was using a control panel for the world. Like I had a robot doing my bidding. The coolest feeling that I've never had before." -- User "It's been a dream of mine to have something like this" -- User HOW DOES LOCALMIND WORK? Localmind leverages users existing check-in behaviors such that each time you check in through Foursquare or Facebook (though checking in is not required to use Localmind) you become available to be asked questions about that location. Also, each time you check in you build your expertise in the Localmind community for that location. We then connect you to someone that needs information about that location, or to someone that has information you need. Community based mobile real-time omniscience at your fingertips. ASK QUESTIONS Send a question to any place in the world, ask about anything ANSWER QUESTIONS Help fellow users by answering questions about places you are currently at, or places you know a lot about. SEE LOCAL ACTIVITY See questions and answers others have been asking and answering around you, in real-time. SHOW OFF YOUR KNOWLEDGE Each time you answer a question, or check-in, or do anything that proves your knowledge about a place, you earn karma points for those areas. Questions that other users have about that place are routed to you, allowing you to use your experience to help fellow users while solidifying your expertise and showing your friends how much you really know. HAVE FUN! But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use of Localmind is subject to the Terms of Use described at: