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Description If you are constantly looking at your iPhone, YOU ARE USING iPHONE THE WRONG WAY!!! You bought iPhone to increase your productivity, right? Yeah right! But, think about what you are doing! You always get up in the morning, check weather, mail, stock price, schedule of the day, stock prices, and maybe some news of your interest and maybe check twitter and facebook... Jumping from app to app wasting your time! Well, we know you do this again when you start your day at work, lunch break and on the way home... Don't you? Huh? Again, if you are constantly looking at your phone, YOU ARE USING iPHONE THE WRONG WAY!!! How can we stay on top of all those information without spending time? I mean, how can we use our incredible iPhone the right way? How about hiring someone to read them one by one while you are driving, eating, or brushing your teeth? WELL, THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT!!! Voice brief reads them all with clear voice, lets you fully customize the content from your weather, calendar, gmail, news feeds, stock price, twitter and facebook... Touch of one button, or with built in Alarm, Voice Brief collects all these information and pleasantly read them while you are driving, eating, etc... You will feel like you were Tony Stark, or have your own Hal9000 (it doesn't kill you though). Interface is just like music player you don't have to learn how to use this, works with remote, airplay, blue tooth. Quality? See how many stars we got from user review. BIG PRESS REVIEWS: ★★★★★ says, "Want an assistant to help you keep up with your world and the world at large? Voice Brief might be just the thing." ★★★★★ App Advice says, “The interface for Voice Brief is slick and it’s a great, simple way to get all your information read to you without needing to do anything besides listen.” ★★★★★ 9to5mac says, “...staying on top of things is a breeze with this nifty app.” ★★★★✫ 148apps says, “This is a very well designed app that really goes the extra mile...” ★★★★✫ App-ly Speaking says, “This app is just plain BRILLIANT. Voice Brief is one little gem of an app...” RECOGNITION FROM APPLE: 3/09/2011 - Release date 3/10/2011 - Featured as “New and Noteworthy” in the Productivity 3/19/2011 - Featured as “New and Noteworthy” on the app store front page 3/24/2011 - Picked up on the “Featured” and “What’s Hot” lists in the app store 3/27/2011 - Hit the top 5 paid apps in the Productivity category Voice Brief Features: • Customizable contents : - Calendar - Weather - RSS news - Google Reader - Facebook - Twitter - Stocks - Gmail (inbox summary only) - Any sentence you type • Built in Alarm - wake up with your own news. • World’s best voice synthesis • Four different high-quality voices • Works with any remote control, bluetooth audio • Airplay • Background listening with multi-tasking • Internal web browser • Musical bridge. • On-the-fly News Share via facebook and twitter. • Voice synthesis within your phone - (Private, Secure, no data usage) •••• Watch a short demo video of Voice Brief in action : ••• ::PLEASE NOTE:: • The size of application is large because, 1. High quality voice synthesis. 2. Your private information stay in your iPhone. (unlike cloud base text to speech that sends your private text to server to get the audio data ) 3. Does not waste your data plan (Audio data generated right within your phone) • Direct access to iOS email/Text is not permitted by Apple. ::FEATURE REQUESTS, REPORTING BUGS:: - Please contact - Note: Voice Brief currently supports only English.