Manufacturer’s Description

Google Voice Client

★ Send texts and place calls in seconds.

★ Quickly read and reply to text messages

★ Listen to voicemails and read their transcripts

★ Return new missed calls immediately from your menubar

★ Instantly and unobtrusively notifies you of new messages

While Google Voice already has a solid webapp, you can only do so much from the browser. Sending texts and placing calls isn't easy - you shouldn't lose focus what you're doing to send a quick text or initiate a call through your Google Voice number. GrowlVoice fixes that.

GrowlVoice notifies you of new messages and provides a simple and intuitive interface for replying to and reading them. You can initiate calls, send texts, and read voicemails all within a couple of clicks. You'll never have to fumble with texting on your phone's tiny keyboard or constantly refresh the Google Voice website while you're at your Mac again.

GrowlVoice can either notify you through Growl (see, or through "basic" notifications that require no third party software. To reply to a notification, just click it.

If you have unread messages, GrowlVoice displays the count succinctly within its icon in your menubar.

Please Note:

- A free Google Voice account is required to use this app (see

- To ensure that GrowlVoice is able to alert you of missed calls, enable "Place missed calls in the inbox" in the "Calls" tab in your Google Voice settings.

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