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Price $10.00
Description NoteLife is the perfect tool for our information-rich world. With the look of a well-worn leather journal and the brain of a super computer, it remembers everything you throw at it and can recover the most obscure piece of information in an instant. Like a trusted assistant, NoteLife is always by your side helping you keep track of your life. And life is more than just words. That's why NoteLife can also record photos, movies, voice memos and web bookmarks. Plus, powerful encryption technology ensures that your private information remains private. • NEW FEATURE: Note Browsing History NoteLife keeps track of every note you select, just like a web browser remembers sites you've visited. Easily navigate back and forth between notes in your browsing history. • Interface Beautiful leather interface that enhances the look and feel of the app without getting in your way. The leather cover can be opened and closed like a book. • Folders & Subfolders Create unlimited folders and sub-folders; organize your notes the way YOU want them to appear. • Flow View Quickly navigate detailed note preview images with the fluid Flow View. • Fonts & Colors Notes can be customized with a font, color and paper color. RICH TEXT notes can be synced from SOHO Notes (currently read-only). • Encryption Notes and folders can be encrypted to maintain your privacy. The entire app can also be password-protected. • SOHO Notes Sync NoteLife offers true two-way syncing with SOHO Notes, the award-winning note manager for Mac.