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Price $10.00
Description Agendas allows you to create organized, networked, interactive agendas. You can broadcast the agenda to other iPads on the same Wi-Fi network, making meetings or classes productive, timely and enjoyable. You can email a PDF version to any email address or use AirPrint when you still need a copy for someone. Features Include: - An uncluttered interface to create an agenda for personal use or to be shared with others - Ability to broadcast the agenda to iPads on the same network running Agendas - Insert colorful images from your Camera Roll - Create a poll and open it for responses at anytime - Attendees can ask questions, other attendees can vote them up so the most critical questions are answered first - The presenter can promote questions to the live agenda - Once the meeting duration is set, a blue timer bar shrinks across the top of the agenda to keep everyone on time - Each Agendas user has a place to type their own personal notes for review later - Local and previously shared agendas you have had access to are automatically stored in the Agendas document manager - Presenters can live edit the agenda so everyone will have record of action items that are assigned - TextExpander touch integration - Email an agenda as a PDF to any Email address - Use AirPrint to provide physical copies when needed Updates in 1.2 - Added TextExpander touch integration - Added User Guide - UI improvements - Other miscellaneous updates and fixes