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Author 01 Digitales Design GmbH
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This extensive app provides detailed information on everything you need to know about close to a thousand different foods:

nutritions, vitamines, minerals, micronutrients, calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, salt, raw, cooked, dried, as powder, browsable in 12 easily accessible categories and searchable in realtime.

Values are colored according to the state-of-the-art "Traffic light labelling"-method of the Food Standards Agency in the UK to give you a quick overview about what food is healthy and what not.

To get the information you need this app makes it easy to display the unit and the weight to determine the wanted values.


- Beef

- Cereal Grains and Pasta

- Dairy and Egg

- Fats ans Oils

- Finfish and Shellfisch

- Fruits ans Fruit Juces

- Lamb, Veal and Game

- Legumes

- Nut and Seed

- Pork

- Poultry

- Vegetables

The catalogue will be frequently updated to always keep you up-to-date. Because when it comes to your food and your daily diet information becomes vital.

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