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You'll feel happy and creative while using the app!

"I love 100 Cameras!" - iPad Today, Sarah Lane

"Trey Ratcliff Releases One Of The Sexiest Photo Editing Apps For iPad" - Robert Scoble

USA Today says, "it's a simple yet powerful way to add fun effects to your captured memories."

Works on iPad 1 and iPad 2 - The Top 10 iPhone App comes to the iPad!


➤ Fast, simple, and light. Designed for speed and ease-of-use

➤ Use your existing library to give existing photos 100 new magical looks

➤ or… take new photos (iPad 2+ only)

➤ NEW - share your creations right to Instagram!

➤ 100 different effects that use mixes of hardlight, overlay, and more with beautiful textures from around the world.

➤ iPad version has many many additional features, including hi-res effects at 2000×2000 pixels.

➤ A “new” kind of app that takes the editing process in a whole new, beautiful durections

➤ Share your photos on email, Twitter, Facebook, SmugMug and Flickr!

➤ Gamecenter support. Unlock fun achievements!

Other features:

➤ 100 unique effects, many mixed together with exotic textures from all over the world

➤ Poetic names so that you get a general feel of the effect to put you in a creative mood

➤ A new “Explore” area with helpful hints, good links, and even more

➤ Uses a predictive algorithm to guess which way you will “swipe” the image next so that the upcoming effects load instantly

♥ Enjoy "100 Cameras in 1" iPhone Version and iPad Version!

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♥ Enjoy "100 Cameras in 1" iPhone Version and iPad Version!