Current Version Version: 1.15
Author iMasterControl
Price $150.00
Description iMasterControl Pro turns your iPod touch or iPhone into a fully-functional universal remote control. Now you can control your tv, audio/video receiver, dvd player, etc. with an interface easy enough for your grandparents to understand! No more fumbling through your collection of remotes! No more explaining your complicated system to your guests! Simplify your life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your iPod/iPhone does NOT generate the IR signals needed to control audio/video devices. Therefore, a home automation "base station" is REQUIRED. This base station (also known as a "control system" or "controller") receives Wi-Fi signals from iMasterControl and then sends IR commands to your devices. Controllers are sold separately and they are EXPENSIVE.

Currently supported controller brands are:

★ AMX (NetLinx)

★ Crestron (IP-enabled 2-Series)

ALSO: The custom programming in your automation controller must be UPDATED to support iMasterControl. You may need to hire a consultant to do this. A protocol manual and sample source code are posted on our Web site.

iMasterControl Pro also includes an offline mode that simulates the responses from a controller. Text and highlight responses are simulated for audio/video devices and drapes/lights.

The user interface and functionality of iMasterControl Pro are identical to our previously-released non-customizable iMasterControl Lite. Try the Lite version first if you want to test the product for suitability.

iMasterControl Pro can be customized EXTENSIVELY to support myriads of audio/video source devices, drapes, and lights. Up to 999 rooms or "zones" are supported, and each zone can have its own automation controller. The Customizer runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. The Customizer is a free download from our Web site. See the "support" link below.

New Pro Customizer features:

★ Support for Drag & Drop and Cut/Copy/Paste.

★ Support for iMasterControl Pro 1.1 and later (70 new TV channel logos).


Our competitors offer several "lame" alternatives for configuring their home automation applications:

● Configure within the mobile app itself — Excruciatingly TEDIOUS, and no way to backup the configuration and transfer it to other iPhones/iPods.

● Download a configuration program that runs ONLY on Microsoft Windows — Why limit yourself to Windows, some folks have only Macs (or Linux)!

● Use a "Web application" to configure, and download the configuration into the mobile device from the developer's own Web site — What do you do if the developer's Web site is DOWN? Or worse, what if the developer goes "out of business"?

● Fill out a "configuration form" on the developer's Web site, pay them a fee, and wait for them to send you a configuration file — Same issues as a "Web application", but even less flexible and WAY less timely.

Our Customizer runs on ALL platforms and, once downloaded, it is "yours to keep". The Customizer is VERY EASY TO USE, your Zone Configuration files are saved on your computer, they can be backed up, and they can be re-used on any iPhone or iPod touch!

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