Current Version 1.0
Author Seasonal World
Price Free

Welcome to your party and event planning control center. Create and manage your guest list from the contacts on your phone or new ones that you enter, send email invites to the people on the list, plan your menu, make your shopping and to-do lists, even assign a Jello mold to Aunt Trudy (and send her the recipe for it while you're at it).

The Entertainer is your go-to organization tool for planning a party of any size and style. Whether you are planning a simple dinner for 6, a dinosaur birthday party for your 3 year old or an elegant wedding for 200, The Entertainer will be your new best friend. It also gives you the capability to make a playlist for your party right in the app and take pictures which you can email to your party guests after the festivities - all without leaving the app interface.

Unleash your party animal, let down your hair and discover how easy effortless event planning can be with The Entertainer. You’ll be the life of the party, we promise.

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