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Busytown, the memorable storybook world filled adorable animal families, outrageous pickle cars, and endless items to discover and examine has now come to life!

Join Huckle Cat—and find Goldbug!—in this imaginative and interactive game based on Richard Scarry’s best-selling series. The adventure begins by choosing your animal: bunny, cat, fox, or pig. Your child will name their character and play dress up by selecting their animal’s outfit to begin exploring Busytown. Pick from a raincoat, skirt, overalls, striped socks, a bow tie, and much more. You’ll begin your day by waking up in your bedroom and receiving your first mission. Explore, discover, and search within each room to find the item you are looking for and see how things work. Open the dishwasher and start the vacuum cleaner. In the grocery store you might be looking for asparagus or beets; you can use the scale and open the cash register. In the firehouse you’ll hunt for boots, spray the fire hose, and ring the alarm bell. Each scene and mission will be different every time you play. Curiosity pays off! Tons of items in each scene are interactive: touch it to hear its name, see the spelling, and watch what it can do.


- Characters from four animal species to dress and name

- Six fully interactive rooms to search and explore, rearranged each time you return to them

- A different mission for every scene and every game

- Dozens of items to touch and interact with

- Meet friendly grownups and kids along the way

- Goldbug is hidden in each scene (abd he’ll be somewhere else next time)

- Tap-Anywhere play: even little kids can’t fail to have fun!

Children across the world have loved Richard Scarry’s books since they were first published in the 1960s. Busytown’s magic is rooted in its ability to explain how things work and reveal the grown-up world to kids. It has been an honor to work with Scarry’s extensive illustrations to bring Busytown truly alive—to truly do them justice, each animation has been drawn and watercolored by hand! This app provides open-ended play, rewards curiosity, and delights both parents and children.

***NOTE, this app is graphically intensive, if you are having any trouble with the app freezing, please restart your phone. This should solve the problem! Email if problems persist.

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