Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Yonac Inc.
Price $2.00
Description Finally, a REAL air guitar! You can actually play real air guitar without having to hold a phone, touch the screen or shake a device. All you do is: • Set your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in front of you- • Start pickin' 'n' strummin' in the air-- • ROCK OUT! Thanks to the magic of GhostGuitar's Augmented Self Reality, you don't need anything but your hands (or teeth, or air-violin-bow) and a determination to rock the world. You can even pick GhostGuitar's strings individually. GhostGuitar comes with four venerable guitars built in: choose Acoustic for some nice campfire strumming, Clean for the shimmering rhythms, Crunch for those classic rock power chords, or Sleek for a fatter, sonic lashing. Sculpt your own sound on top by using the virtual stompboxes in the GhostGuitar pedalboard. Evoke the late Invasion-era shimmering distortion via Fuzz Goblin, mellow it out with the analog-modeled chorus/vibrato of Ghoul Vibrations, and repeat it with the tape-delay inspired Echo-Plasm delay/reverb pedal. GhostGuitar comes with many chord progressions that you can set to any key, and even down- or up-tune. If that's not enough (never is…), you can create and save ANY number of your own progressions --no matter how weird-- thanks to GhostGuitar's extensive chord library. There's no reason for you to not play *that* song. You say you need a band? You'll love "GhostBand"! Just hit the button for drums and bass to come in and accompany you. GhostBand will automatically recognize your chord changes and follow suit, just like a good band should. Much more timely and better smelling than the real thing. You can set tempo and choose among more than a dozen patterns, and individually adjust mix for bass and drums. And how about vocals? For those of us who are vocally inclined, GhostBand also gives you a "GhostMic": turn it on and sing along with your guitar pickin'. Beef up your vocals using the dedicated FX: dial in some delay, jack up the gain, warble and marble with some chorus. And where can this all go? Into a video (or an audio file), you say? We say "yes!". Record yourself playing or singing, or jamming to the GhostBand all together or separately. Save it as a movie or a song…up to you. If satisfied, share it on YouTube for kicks, or email it, download it via wi-fi, put some cheese on it and call it an omelette. -- 44.1k Pro-quality audio -- Touch free "air" guitar playing -- Groundbreaking Realtime Mobile Machine Vision (REMMVi) technology, invented and developed here in Yonac Labs (patent(s) pending) -- Uses front camera to pick up your fret and strum hands -- Intelligent backing band via GhostBand -- Simultaneous vocal recording via mic -- Record (any combo of guitar, backing band, vocals) to audio or video -- Four different guitars to choose from -- GhostGuitar pedalboard with carefully engineered virtual stompboxes -- Enough chord patterns to play most songs, ENDLESS patterns you can create for yourself -- extensive chord library -- Assign any chord in the library to any fret, in any key -- individually pickable strings -- Hammer on, auto-mute, alternate pick or down pick guitar control modes -- Vocal FX rack -- Probably a lot more you'll have to discover on your own NOTE: GhostGuitar needs a front-facing camera to work its magic

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