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Description Some reviews about Drums Challenge: "... is a fun game to have and if you are inclined towards music this should be a must have." - "... is a really challenging game and entertainment is guaranteed whether you are sitting in a queue at a doctor’s reception or traveling or just sitting at home." - "If you're the type who drums to your own beat, this one from MusiGames might just be for you." - ------------- Drums Challenge is a music game where you'll be drawn into musical battles with the world's best drummers. Have fun tapping on a virtual drum kit on your iPhone and iPod. Challenge drummers of different styles such as Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country, Metal, Punk Rock, Latino and Reggae! Features: - Styles: Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country, Metal, Punk Rock, Latin and Reggae! - 25 drum battles - 8 different drums kits - Freestyle drum kit with 11 parts The battle takes place when your opponent starts playing a song on the drums. When he finishes playing a sequence, you'll have to repeat the drum beats that he played in the correct timing. Each of the 25 drum battles will present a unique challenge in terms of rhythm, style and music perception! While you advance, defeating better and better drummers, you'll win special drum parts that are then available to play in the freestyle mode.