Current Version Version: 1.1.3
Author Jean-Philippe SARDA
Price $2.00
Description Moonlights is a tower building physics puzzler, that will challenge the brain and the physics skills of the whole family.

❝As is, the game is good, but the ability to create your own levels (online, in a Flash-supporting Web browser) and play levels created by the Moonlights community propels it into greatness.❞ (

❝Moonlights most definitely has the potential to become one of the classic iPhone puzzle games.❞ (

❝Don’t miss out on this gem of a game. … what are you waiting for, go get it now!❞ (

❝Combining clever interaction with creative, varied levels, Moonlights is a perfect example of a puzzle game done right. Grade B, Recommended.❞ (

❝Moonlights is simple on the surface, but only a brief session with the game reveals it to be a very challenging puzzler. There's a real "I've got to try it just one more time" draw that makes it hard to put down and a solid value.❞ (

* 91 levels of increasing difficulty.
* 2 worlds.
* Animated tutorials on the first levels.
* Regular updates with new levels and new items.
* Gravity controlled by flipping the screen.
* Scroll and zoom with classic gestures of multitouch devices.
* Online scores and achievements.
* Level editor in Flash.
* Realistic physics.
* Recommended for fans of physics-based puzzle games such as World of Goo, Enigmo, Fantastic contraption, Tiki towers, Crayon Physics, Crazy machines and Tower Bloxx.

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