Current Version Version: 1.0.8
Author Icarus Interactive LLC
Price $2.00
Description Lars: Super Action Danger Lizard! is a full-featured platform game with hand-drawn pixel art, faithful old-school controls, classic retro soundtracks, and over 60 huge levels of jumping scrolling action. Each level has plenty of pickups and secrets to explore. Try the Joypad + Lars! combo yourself to see what everyone's talking about! "I’ve been playing around with Lars using the Joypad for a couple of days now, and it works just as flawlessly as it does in the video. The connection between the two devices happens automatically and near-instantly, and there’s literally zero lag when playing." - "For fans of retro platformers like Super Mario Bros., Lars is a perfect iPad title." Must have Apps of the Week - Meet Lizard Lars: Super Action Man of International Danger Lizard. Follow Agent Lars from the perilous beaches of "Tutorial Bay" through the dense and dangerous "Jungles of Incredible Peril" on your quest to save the world from the clutches of sinister forces. Only Lars can confront the mad organization of doom lurking in the ancient island ruins, learn their terrible and destructive secrets, and ultimately foil whatever evil plan they have scheduled for this week. Will good prevail? It will take all of your skill and cunning as you jump, dodge, and swim your way through over 60 intense levels of platform-shaped danger. Lars Includes: - Fantastic jumping platform action. - A wide range of baddies, including rats, bigger rats, coco-rats, and something we call SnarlyFish. - Original soundtracks and hand-painted backgrounds. - Amazing 8-bit Retro Graphics. That's almost 64 pixels per square inch! - Thrilling story line! - Highscore leader boards for when you're bored with the thrilling story. GAMEPLAY VIDEO: GAMEPLAY NOTES: The level progression for Lars is laid out like Super Mario Bros. Easier up front, much more difficult after the first few worlds. If you find it's too easy initially, don't worry. The later missions are much... much more challenging. Stick with it to the end, you won't regret it. PERFORMANCE GUIDE: Lars performs well on 2nd Generation iPods and Newer, and iPhone 3GS and Newer, as well as the iPad of course. iPhone3G is slower, but playable. First generation iPhone and iPod Touch not supported. If your gameplay seems slow, try switching to FULLSCREEN mode under Options for a speed boost.

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