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Description Nobody covers the world like Lonely Planet.' --New York Post

Go one better than Napoleon, and conquer Moscow, with Lonely Planet’s City Guide on your iPhone. The largest city in Europe, galloping headlong from its communist past, and now home to the world’s highest number of billionaires, the Russian capital almost defies description. This is definitely one megalopolis that shouldn’t be tackled without the world’s leading travel publisher in your pocket. From the blooming domes of St Basil’s to the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and the legendarily expensive nightclub scene, we’ve done the hard yards so you won’t miss a thing.

Let’s set the picture: you’re tired and hungry after a day trawling the museums and art galleries of Khamovniki, but have no idea where to recharge. Just whip out your iPhone, check your exact location on our intelligent maps, and filter- or text-search for the best bars and cafes within walking distance. Or perhaps you’re on the train from St Petersburg, and you want to get the lowdown on Moscow’s tumultuous history, plus some idea of what’s happening in today’s city? Just scroll through our authoritative history, culture and local lore chapters. And don’t worry about tacking roaming data costs onto your Muscovite splurge: our apps never connect without plenty of warning. Smart!

Lonely Planet Cityguides

Imagine taking the world's favourite guidebook and making the information interactive, personalised and fully searchable. Imagine dynamic maps that plot your exact location, guiding you through the quirky, the curious and the straight-up compulsory experiences recommended by our community of on-the-road authors and users. Now imagine that guidebook on your iPhone, with you wherever you travel. Well, imagine no more: the world's favourite guidebook has just arrived on the world's favourite phone.

• EASY TO USE - swipe to scroll through a full table of contents, dip into sections, and turn pages with a flick of your finger

• OFFLINE MAPS – there’s no need to go online to access our detailed street maps, fully retooled for the iPhone with location awareness, multi-touch controls, full-colour styling and six-level zoom

• TONS TO SEE AND DO – choose how to search through hundreds of geo-coded points-of-interest (POIs) – by proximity, category, preferences or favourites – then just tap to visit the website, or place a direct call

• TEXT SEARCH – whether you’re into ‘live music' or ‘fine dining’, every article and POI in your guidebook is text-searchable

• LOCATION-BASED NAVIGATION – plot your location in real time on our interactive maps, exploring back streets and hidden treasures with no danger of losing your way

• WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS ... – if you need some inspiration, just thumb through images taken by our award-winning photographers

• PERSONALISATION – tailor your cityguide to your tastes by tagging the best POIs as ‘favourites’

• MONEY SAVING – forget roaming costs, our apps are designed for offline use, and only take up the room of an average album on your iPod

• MORE THAN 30 CITYGUIDES AVAILABLE – including London, New York, Melbourne, Dublin, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, Miami, Bangkok, Madrid, Prague, Seoul, Dubai, Berlin, Cape Town, Singapore and Mexico City, with more guides coming soon

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