Author Mariner Software
Price $50.00

This Mac App Store version of StoryMill is English only.

Writing a novel is a creative process and like all creative

processes, sometimes it’s hard to get started. StoryMill will

be appreciated by the professional novel writer, but we really

designed it for folks like you. With StoryMill, you can take

your idea for mystery, romance, adventure, action or science

fiction and turn it into that novel you know is within but just

needs a little help getting out.

StoryMill is built so that you can develop your characters,

locations and all the other elements of your story. You can

set a daily writing goal and keep track of it using the

Progress Meter. There are handy things to help you keep

track of cliches and monitor how many times you use a word.

There’s a place for all your research – add pictures, files and

notes right into StoryMill – keeping it altogether and available

whenever you need it.

StoryMill is the only novel writing app that includes a

Timeline feature. Visually and interactively displaying a story

across time, you can arrange the scenes of your novel in

chronological order. Bottom line...StoryMill gives you all the

tools you’ll need for writing your own best seller.


"Each time I delve deeper into StoryMill and take more full

advantage of its abundant resources, the writing process

just gets simpler and simpler."

Ridley Pearson

New York Times Best Selling Author

"StoryMill provides an impressive workflow approach and

toolset that can’t be replicated in your current word


4 out of 5 Mice



  • Clean, friendly interface
  • Powerful organizational features
  • Innovative Timeline view


  • Timeline not all it's cracked up to be
  • Fewer features than some similarly priced rivals
  • Some minor bugs