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Description iPhone 4 users running 4.1 and above: We're currently experiencing crashing issues with the app. We're aware of the situation and are working on a fix. Presenting the official FOX Family Guy iPhone application! Family Guy, Fox’s Emmy-award winning animated comedy, comes to the iPhone with this freakin’ sweet application. Watch clips, toss Peter, create a Stewie pin-up, build your own Freakin’ Sweet Video Mix – all in one app! If you’re a fan of Family Guy or world domination, then this is the app for you! This app is optimized for WiFi. Video Channels Watch classic Family Guy clips and share these heartwarming moments with friends and family! Freakin' clips refresh daily! Disclaimer: These aren’t full episodes, just the best clips from past Family Guy episodes, but you can link directly into iTunes to purchase as many full episodes as your heart desires. Another freakin’ disclaimer: There is the occasional ad in front of the clip, just like TV. Sweet, sweet TV. Freakin’ Sweet Mixer Create your own Family Guy video mix by dragging individual clips into a timeline. You can title your clip using the best Family Guy quotes and share mixes with friends who have the app. Peter Toss Unresolved father issues? Take them out on Peter by tossing him around various Family Guy backgrounds. Stewie Pin Up Swap heads and bodies to create a unique Stewie all your own. Easter Eggs Can you find the hidden content? It’s there, you just have to summon the moxie to find it. Allllriiiight!