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Why should creating an event be such an event?

★ Lifehacker: "…a full-fledged Mac app that makes adding iCal events speed-of-thought fast"

★ TUAW: "… one of my favorite ways to add items to iCal"

★ MacBreak Weekly (ep.246) "Pick of the Week": "You can just say 'meet with Fred from 130 to 2 tomorrow' … and it puts it into your iCal immediately … bam bam bam!“"


The perfect iCal, BusyCal, and Google Calendar companion! Manage your events and todos with the most advanced natural language engine available for Mac OS! QuickCal also shows you at a glance in your menu bar events coming up, and allows you to easily manage/complete todos directly from the menu! It's like having 3 apps in one! (Event View, Task Manager, and Natural Language Tool -- all in one package!)

You've never been able to create events and todos so quickly - tap a hotkey, and start typing!

✎ "Pick up Joe @ LAX tomorrow 8p"

✎ "Pay taxes before 4/15!"

✎ "Lunch tomorrow at noon"

✎ "Cycling class @6 for 1.5h"

✎ "Todo - pay cable bill in 14 days"

As you type, QuickCal will show you what it is thinking, as well as pointing out any schedule conflicts with events you're about to create!

You'll be amazed how much quicker you can create events than using any other calendar app (native or otherwise). Nothing is faster than typing what you want!

In addition to this, QuickCal supports "Smart Reminders", which will create alarms at configurable time intervals, specific to how far in the future the event is. A meeting tomorrow? Reminder 15 min in advance. A meeting in 6 months? Remind a few _days_ in advance.

The QuickCal menu icon also will show you all events on your calendars for the current day! Quickly see what's going on at a glance.

New exciting features being actively developed!

(Also check out "QuickCal Mobile" for iOS!)