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Description ★ Named one of the "Top 10 iPad Apps Of 2011, So Far" by AppAdvice ★ ★ Reached the #1 position in the Japanese App Store (overall iPad apps) ★ "If you want to rediscover your music library, then give Groove for iPad a try. The mixes that it creates are pretty awesome." - AppAdvice "The UI looks sharp and futuristic, and the slick animations do a great job of making Groove feel like a next-gen music experience." - iSource "Groove for iPad plays your music in style and provides recommendations." - Business Insider "I really love this app. This has changed the way I'm experiencing music." - The Daily App Show Take your music experience to the next level! Groove is a music player that studies your listening habits and creates a wide variety of instant mixes like your own personal DJ. Not only can you hear the groovy mixes that you love, but you will also be able to explore and flip through your music in a beautiful, iPad-optimized interface. Don’t know what to listen to? The home screen is filled with suggestions of music that you would like to hear. By making use of social music services like, as well as your own listening profile, Groove probably knows much more about your music than you do. For example, you will get a variety of mixes by artists that are meant to be heard together (Better Together section) and mixes of songs that simply go well together (Groovy Mix). Why you’ll never want to use another player again? That’s because... ✔ You’ll never have to create a playlist again, unless you want to. ✔ You’ll never lack music inspiration. ✔ It’s the best looking player for iPad up to date. ✔ It will automatically organise your music in tags (pop, metal, indie, electronic, etc.) based on the data of millions of users. ✔ You can update your Facebook and Twitter status with the music your listening to. ✔ It will automatically download artist photos and missing album covers (Note that they won't be synced back to your iTunes library). ✔ You’ll be able to listen to groovy mixes on your Apple TV or AirPlay enabled speakers. ✔ You can use swipe gestures to skip back and forth among playlist songs (player screen mode only). *** Please note that Groove does not support Home Sharing and scrobbling. ★★★ TROUBLESHOOTING ★★★ If you get the "MUSIC LIBRARY TOO SMALL" error message and you know for sure you have music on your device, go to Setting App->Groove and set [Album Minimum Songs] to 1. Then restart Groove and press the Sync button (bottom-right). Follow us at: and