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Description FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY – Get Gokivo for FREE!!! Download Gokivo Navigator for free today! A 30-day pass to real Turn-by-Turn GPS navigation is included. Gokivo Navigator - The iPhone’s first real-time, voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation includes 30 days of real-time navigation. Extend your navigation pass using one of our affordable In App 30-day or 1-year purchase plans. No upfront cost, no automatic recurring billing, no long-term billing commitment. Pay for what you want when you want it! SUPPORTED ON IPHONE 3G, 3GS, AND IPHONE 4 ONLY. (Will not work with iPod touch). ******* Find your way simply and easily behind the wheel with turn-by-turn visual and voice-guided GPS navigation. Enjoy the latest NAVTEQ maps and integrated real-time traffic conditions monitoring for the most convenient timesaving routes. 
Find nearby restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, hospitals, theaters, plus millions of updated points of interest (POI) – all powered by Yahoo! Local search. ******* “Gokivo takes a turn for the better! Gokivo Navigator is speedier than its predecessor, and even worked faster than the AT&T Navigator to locate and calculate directions” – New York Times “Gokivo is much more in the iPhone spirit, sort of like the Maps app with real-time instructions and traffic info.” – BusinessWeek: The iPhone's New Navigation Weapons “…I actually enjoyed Gokivo” - iPhone Navigation App Battlemodo Part II: The Best Cheap GPS App “Interestingly, NIM has integrated iPod control into its application…to have both music and navigation at the same time, a feature that iPhone owners are likely to find very compelling.” – GPS Business News ******* Features: √ Spoken Street Names. Announces street names as you drive for superior voice-guidance, with automatic re-routing if you miss a turn. √ Real-Time Traffic. Traffic alerts on your route (generated by NIM’s Server-based Traffic Tracking Center) warn you about incidents and delays along your route complete with detours. √ Our Live Traffic data includes more than one million miles of road traffic flow information and is used to generate the best routes and the most accurate arrival predictions. √ Powered by Yahoo! Local Search. Live, Hyper-Local search helps you find restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, hospitals, theaters and more; including consumer ratings and reviews. √ Call businesses directly from within the application! √ The latest NAVTEQ Maps. Road map data automatically updated frequently with over 6 million miles of road changes to U.S. maps quarterly. With Gokivo, your map data is always up to date. √ Configurable Nav user interface designed to feel native to the iPhone. View estimated time of arrival, distance to destination, speed and heading right on the map. √ Quickly display maps of an address, airport, or one of your favorite places; Integrated with Apple Maps app for walking directions. √ In App music player. Enjoy your music while navigating with integrated iPod music controls! Before directions are announced, the music volume automatically lowers for upcoming audible turn and traffic notifications. √ Seamless Contacts Integration. Easily navigate to anyone’s address in your Contacts; Save destinations you’ve searched for to an existing contact or create a new one. √ Location Sharing. Quickly share a location with your friends and family via in-app email. √ Small application size leaves you plenty of room for your music, video and applications – compare our small 2.7MB size to other 1GB+ navigation applications ******* Runs on NIM’s Industry leading NAVBuilder™ Cloud Computing Platform with 99.999% uptime and the largest active installed user base; all real-time services developed and operated by NIM Why have an expensive, se