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Description iWriter is simple and elegant text editor - the best app for you to write an article, to compose a poem or to take a note. • Fullscreen mode helps you to stay focused on your work. • Dropbox synchronization with folders sync support. • Handy keyboard extension with smart keys (parentheses and quotation marks). • Smart character & word movements with keyboard extension. Tip: you can swipe with one finger to move forward/back a character at a time, and two for the word. • Export your works easily. Use iTunes Sharing for import/export actions, send texts by E-mail or link your Dropbox account. • The Night theme feature saves your eyes if you work in a dark room. • Customizable font size. • Word count and reading time values. Please note: • In-app folder renaming is currently unsupported due to Dropbox API. • iWriter understands plain text files in Unicode format.