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Description The big game is on tonight—sweet! But your girlfriend is making you go to that wedding shower, and you’re going to miss it—NO! Total buzz kill… Well prepare yourself. Downloading SportCaster will solve this problem for good. This is no average sports app, simply spitting out scores and stats. SportCaster is MUCH MORE. It's real-time play-by-play and commentary, combined with scores and stats for a sports experience that will blow your mind. All you do is: 1. Click on SportCaster's scoreboard. 2. Tap on your game. 3. You'll see all the expected stuff— the score, time remaining, last play—all updated in real time. 4. And then.... Wait for it... You'll see a real time stream of comments, coming from the top writers, analysts and bloggers. 5. The comments roll in, real time, the whole duration of the game, slicing and dicing each play! You won’t miss a thing—it’s the next best thing to actually watching the game. In fact, it’s even an awesome companion to watching the game live. But wait, there’s more! In addition to the real time scores and commentary, SportCaster is organized into 4 very useful areas: * Fantasy – Enter your fantasy roster and see player updates from the top fantasy gurus * Conversation – Select your favorite team and see a live feed of commentary from players themselves, writers, analysts and bloggers * Standings – Standings for every league, including polls for college sports * Schedules – Team schedules are super easy to find and viewable at a glance All these combine for a one-of-a-kind sports experience that blows away other sports apps! The best part? SPORTCASTER IS FREE! Zip, zero, zilch, nada… $0.00. So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW! P.S. The app has display ads, so the developers can pay their bills. But if you’d rather not see ads, just go to settings and click on “Upgrade”. For just $4.99 you can have ads removed. “Your one stop shop for sports goodness.” – IntoMobile