Current Version Version: 1.7
Author Fredrik Wahrman
Price $2.00
Description iAssociate is a word association game, where the goal of the game is to guess which words, or phrases, are associated to the other words in the game. Every word is associated to at least two other words, and the associations are meant to be things that you come to think of upon hearing the word.

For example, you might start off a level with for instance "Movie Genres" which would show up with four different associations, Drama, Action, Comedy and Thriller. These associations would of course be hidden initially, so they would show up as "----- (5)", "------ (6)", "------ (6)" and "-------- (8)". When you would correctly reveal one of these associations then that word would in turn lead to other new words, Thriller might for instance lead to Michael Jackson, etc.

iAssociate is the sequel to my first word association game, Mercury Mind. iAssociate contains larger versions of the original Mercury Mind levels (about 50% larger), as well as some brand new levels, making the game over twice as big as Mercury Mind!

The game features multiple levels of varying difficulty, starting off easy with a small level centered on the word Blue, and then leading into larger levels, such as a theme level with lots of comics and cartoons associations and one that'll lead you from playing cards all the way to the moon and back.

In the game you'll find out what connects Iron Maiden with Robin Hood, how Star Wars and Queen are related, and much more. This game will take you all over historical events, sports, pop culture, music, and so forth, offering large levels that are easy to get into, but hard to solve.

Your progress in the game is scored according to how many words you have guessed correctly, or if you have words that you have revealed partially you'll also get points for those. By collecting enough points you'll unlock more levels. Besides unlocking new levels with the points you also have the chance to earn medals for your progress in the game. If you perform well enough you'll unlock a bonus mode, which will further challenge your mind.

Besides unlocking new levels with your points you can also keep track of how you are doing against all other players by submitting your scores online, this will show you your current rank in every level against all other players.

The gameplay in iAssociate is simple and intuitive, simply just click on a word to enter your guess. If the word is correct it will be revealed, or if any of the starting characters are correct, then those will be revealed so that you'll have a chance of guessing what it is based on those.

To speed up play you can enter your words by clicking on a word which you have already guessed correctly. If you do that then your guess will be matched against every word associated from that one.

If you've played any of the free Associate This games and want more and bigger levels then iAssociate is your choice.

The game currently features the following 11 levels:

- Out of the blue
- Surfing the web
- Theme: Comics & Cartoons
- Ace's High
- TV Series
- Poker Stars
- Movie Genres
- Which famous Lees?
- Theme: USA
- Elements
- Colors

Some comments from reviews iAssociate has received:

"iAssociate was a blast to play!" -

"If I were to choose one that I would spend my money on, it would be iAssociate." - (Word game round up)

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