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Description Condition ONE is a technology startup developing next generation immersive video for media companies to move into the tablet space. The Condition ONE app gives users a visceral, tactile window into videos created specifically for the iPad 2. Pivoting and tilting the iPad 2 manipulates the corresponding field of view. Users are given control of a virtual camera with the ability to look up, down, left, right and diagonally in any direction. Highly sensitive motion controls produce the illusion of looking through a window into another reality. Features: • First-person immersive videos • Control vantage point by physically moving or tilting iPad 2 • Touch the video to change your perspective on iPad 1 • Meet the filmmakers • Immersive videos available for in-app download • Save and store the videos you download • New content will appear automatically for download Reviews: • "A New Way to Photograph.." -TIME • "An unnervingly realistic 'magic window'..." Fast Company • "AR-style "window" into the battlefield.." -Gizmodo • "Provocative, mindblowing, awesome..." -Filmmaker Magazine • "Sure to change the way many see an event.." -TUAW • "Urgent and audacious.." -Switched • "A powerful experience..." -Tribeca Film Institute • "A revolutionary phase shift.." -View Magazine Follow us - and ** In order to provide highly immersive experiences, in-app video downloads are the size of HD movies, which require long download times on a wifi connection. ** ** Requirement: iPad 2. Only touch mode available on iPad 1.**