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Description Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the pressure's on to create a delicious feast for your friends and family. When you're pressed for time, Thanksgiving Recipes HD will help you to: * Make a turducken (it's a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey) * Serve a perfectly-prepared, chef-caliber turkey * Silence your mother-in-law by mastering classics like mashed potatoes But wait, there’s more! * Create a full vegan meal with homemade tofu turkey, gravy & stuffing * Cook an entire turkey in just 45 minutes by deep-frying * Wow your guests with flaky, delicious pumpkin wontons * Bake the perfect “melt-in-your-mouth” pumpkin pie * Smoke your turkey for a rich, deep flavor sensation And even more! * Carve the perfect turkey and avoid embarrassment at the table * Welcome your guests with gooey baked brie cheese and apricots * Make dessert in a snap with a "no-bake" pumpkin cheesecake Throughout the course, you'll learn from cooking experts like Tristan Blash, the chef and manager at the San Diego branch of Hipcooks Culinary School; Judith Jones, a world traveler, food enthusiast and founder of "The Gourmet Travelista"; and Kristina Vanni, award-winning chef and the face of With Thanksgiving Recipes HD, you'll create a holiday menu to remember!