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Description PocketFinder 2 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch—GPS location technology helps you stay connected! This is an easy-to-use app designed to help manage your family or business. Quickly locate your loved ones, pets and vehicles while on the go! App Features: · Mapping – Easy to view of all your devices located on a single map · Alerts – Receive app notifications, text messages and emails · Zones – Set zones and receive alerts at entry and/or exit · Speed Limits – Set speed limits and receive alerts when your device is going too fast · History – View location history for up to 60 days · Accuracy – Accurate locations, typically up to 10 feet · Profile – Personalize by naming your devices and changing pictures or avatars. Why PocketFinder? · Children — Receive alerts and locate your child for your peace of mind. · Teens — Achieve peace of mind while giving teens independence. You can review alerts for driving speeds, receive history and know where they are. · Pets — Quickly locate your dog or cat in the event they go for an unexpected stroll with a GPS pet collar. · Seniors — Adults can give their senior parents independence with the peace of mind knowing they can locate them at any time without being intrusive. · Special Needs — Rest assured knowing you can quickly locate your special needs loved one at any time. · GPS Vehicle Tracking — Locate your loved ones or employees on the road and receive alerts for speeds and zones with vehicle GPS tracking devices for automobiles, trucks, vehicle fleets, motorcycles, boats and other assets.